Andrew Cox

I'm a full-stack Ruby on Rails developer with a specialty in UX and a penchant for lightweight agile process. I geek out on squishy human problems like employee motivation, company culture, and product delivery. I'm looking for a company with a strong user-centric, continuous improvement culture.

Work Experience

Director of Product Development

Bossa Nova Robotics
March 2016 - January 2017

I was hired to transform this robotics startup from a small company with early traction into a scalable, mature product company. This is an extremely complex product that requires specialized skills for hardware, robotics, computer vision, algorithmic data analysis, web development, and big data.

Web Team Lead
March 2013 - March 2016

I was one of the first 3 developers hired to build a permanent photo sharing service. Built from scratch with Ruby on Rails, I was involved from the first paper mockups to scaling the site to handle over 10 million photos while serving web, mobile and desktop clients.

Software Development Manager

May 2011 - March 2013

I managed a very talented team of 9 (5 Software Developers, 3 UX Designers, and 1 QA Engineer) for nearly 2 years. This was my first position as a full-time manager with no coding responsibilities. I also served as the Scrum Master as I introduced the team to Agile software development, Clean Code™ practices, code reviews, and Git.

I approached management with the same craftsmanship lens that I view software development. I gained valuable experience dealing with the complexities of managing a remote team with a technology domain I had no prior experience with (mobile, 3D viewers, cloud services) inside a much larger organization (7,000 employees).

Senior Application Engineer

December 2004 - May 2011

Vivísimo is where I grew up as a software developer. I started at Vivísimo when there were only 12 employees working in a house. I had the fortunate, albeit somewhat painful, experience of seeing the company grow to ~120 people and position itself for an acquisition by IBM.

I started out as the sole developer for, the world's first clustering search engine. After a couple years, we refocused on enterprise search sales and I became the lead developer for the customizable, end-user display for our core search product. This is where I developed expert-level CSS skills, an intimate knowledge of IE6's idiosyncratic bugs, and way more XSL experience than anyone should ever have.

My proudest accomplishment at Vivísimo is creating a User Experience Team out of whole cloth, and leading the Agile transformation with Kanban that continued to infect the entire organization well after I left.

Finally, after waiting for years for the right moment, I introduced the company to Ruby on Rails and led the initial prototype of what became IBM Watson Explorer (yes, the AI that became famous by beating humans at Jeopardy in 2011).







James Madison University

BS, Computer Science
1996 - 2001


Pittsburgh Agile

Co-founder and Organizer

Co-founded Pittsburgh Agile meetup in 2011. Coordinated speakers and logistics for 3 years while pinch hitting as a speaker whenever our speaker backlog was running low.

Steel City Ruby Conf


I was an organizer for one of the best regional Ruby conferences ever, IMHO. Amazing speaker lineup, single-track conference with an emphasis on the hallway track. I'm proud to have been a part of it. I also designed and implemented the website: Steel City Ruby 2012.


References available upon request. In the meanwhile, you can see a number of recommendations on my LinkedIn profile.